Little Children- the Book vs the Movie

I wanted to put some suggestions out there for Book vs Movie, a new book club I hope to get going.  Eventually I hope to have sweet prizes but for today all I can offer is a used book!

I read this book last summer and watched the movie shortly after. Because the movie has stayed with me for an entire year I am going to say that the movie beats the book on this one. Almost ALWAYS it seems I say the book was better, but any movie you can remember scenes from a year later must be very powerful. Actually it sort of makes me want to read the book again to really do some comparison. Oh and don’t get me wrong the book was very good, I just think the movie was exceptionally powerful.

This is a contemporary book/movie. There is very adult subject matter. It is not a book I would recommend to my mother, nor the movie. If you are still interested, the first person to comment on this post will receive this book in the mail. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Little Children: A Novel

Little Children Directed by Todd Field

Kate Winslet is wonderful in this role. There is a scene where she is sitting in the park with her toddler and she forgets to bring the snack. She looks over at the other moms who are all way more prepared and feels both contempt and humility. I think all of us moms can relate to that!