The Stay at Home Mom


I’ll be honest. When Josh and I decided that one of us would always stay home with our kids it wasn’t so much because we knew and understood what the benefits of that would be. It was more like, “Well the cost of daycare is so high if we both work, really one of the salaries is cancelled out and therefor kind of a moot point.”

Josh stayed home with our son the first 9 months while I went back to work right away. Now I am staying home with our second and it has been SO ENJOYABLE! Yeah, sometimes when Andrew needs a nap and Chloe is puking all over and I take a look at the million pieces of Lego strewn all over the house I break down and cry, but it’s temporary.

Yesterday Chloe decided she was going to try as hard as she could to roll over. How amazing to watch a three and a half month old become so determined! Then I noticed that if I tickled her just right on the side of the tummy she would laugh hysterically. Amazing!

I always said I would never turn into one of those parents that thinks every little thing their kid does is incredibly amazing but can it be helped? I am just thankful that my husband and I didn’t go out and blow a bunch of money on stupid stuff when we first got married so that we are not so debt-ridden that we can actually do this. On days when the puke alerts and meltdown countdowns come more frequently I can just close my eyes for a second and be thankful that I get to see all the good stuff too, reminding myself that not everyone gets this chance.