Andrew in the Fall (They Do Grow Up Overnight)

andrew 1 yearHere is my son eating a fall muffin a little after his first birthday.

andrew 2 year

And this one was taken shortly after his second birthday. We were raking fall leaves that day and I was trying to get him to jump in the piles but he wasn’t going for it for whatever reason. He can be really timid sometimes. Or at least USED TO BE.

Here he is now (taken yesterday):


UMMMM excuse me?! Are you sure there is only one year in between this picture and the previous picture? Looks more like FIVE years to me!




The other day I had a friend ask, “Doesn’t it seem like they grew up all of a sudden?” and I had replied, “No, not really.” But now I agree. My little dude got a haircut and all of a sudden now he looks 5 instead of 3. He grew up overnight. He no longer looks so sweet and cute and innocent. Too bad for him- he won’t be getting away with as much now.  Too bad for me, I miss my little boy who could do no wrong.