Halloween Craft Day

two clothespins text

My son rarely takes naps anymore now that he is 3 but today he must be tuckered out from all our crafting fun this morning! I would say he is sleeping like a baby right now but my baby doesn’t sleep very often either so let’s just say he is sleeping! Chloe is taking a cat nap as well. This rare occurence of both kids napping at the same time has me very pleased at the moment!

We started out the morning by making an indoor clothesline. Andrew really thought that was a riot let me tell you! He cut out (or tore) pieces of paper from his scrapbooking stash and then affixed a Halloween sticker on each little piece. We hung them up with clothespins for decoration. I think it looks pretty cute!


Especially in the light.

halloween decoration

I’ve been a stay at home mom now for a few years and I am really starting to get a feel for what activities kids will enjoy. Lately with Andrew it has been anything that involves scissors!

Next we made some homemade candy containers. We did a paper mache bowl a few days ago (it took a long time to dry with a humidifier in the house) and finally got to paint it today. I probably could have slapped another coat of paint on it but I’m not exactly a perfectionist. I also had 2 oatmeal containers that were empty so Andrew got to decorate one and I decorated the other.

candy bowl

Like most kids, Andrew loves to paint. We have started looking at art books and talking about styles of art and different artists. of course Van Gough’s Starry Night jumped out at him right away. I think most people like that piece.

art time


Jeeze look at that laughter. I hope he doesn’t go mad like Van Gough . . .

Next we carved our first pumpkin. We grew pumpkins this year and probably have about 12-15 out on the deck in all shapes and sizes. I took the smallest to carve first and asked Andrew, “Should we give this guy a happy little face?” And to my surprise he said, “NO! Let’s give him a scary face so we can laugh about it!” This from the kid who is scared about everything- shadows, closets, crinkly paper. . . I hope this doesn’t backfire on me.

andrew's pumpkin

It is sort of creepy looking-

dark pumpkin

But he seems to really love it!

chiaroscuro pumpkin boy

I think the reason why I love Halloween so much is because it really is the crafters’ holiday. I have endless ideas for recipes, projects. etc. but unfortunately we are on a tighter budget than usual this month. I am soooo thankful we chose to grow pumpkins this year. Having fifty bucks worth of pumpkins that we paid next to nothing for makes me very happy.