We Have Color!

We’ve had a string of 70-degree days around this part of Minnesota. It was enough for me to drive over to Lester Prairie and visit Holasek’s Flower Power Nursery and get some things. I’m sure the greenhouses around here will have some things by the end of this week but I always prefer their selection anyway. Everything is grown there and not shipped on a truck from South Dakota or further like the rest of the stuff supplied to this area. I got some pansies (can never resist those) and another Icelandic Poppy. The poppy is just as hardy as the pansies in my opinion. My orange one is coming back from last year. I really want to drive up to Thomsen’s nursery near Saint Cloud and see about the Himalayan Blue . . . but in the meantime, here’s the yellow:

The mail carrier is either going to be pleased to have something to look at or pissed if their are a bunch of bees buzzing around. . .

It’s a humble beginning but at least it’s something!

Andrew is REALLY getting into the gardening this year and even has his OWN garden. He planted some corn today. Hopefully he’ll forget about it because something tells me he isn’t going to have much luck with it. But I also said that last year about his Bachelor Buttons and I was wrong. We’ll let him learn what works and what doesn’t on his own but it is definitely most likely too early for corn planting around here.

My view:

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  1. chiquita
    Posted April 12, 2010 at 8:51 am | Permalink

    Beautiful photos – I’m glad you’re getting some warmth at last! I think it’s so sweet that your son’s getting into gardening too – mine’s 9, and he’s a self-professed “bug phobic” so he doesn’t enjoy being out in the garden at all 🙁