Monson and Glacial Lakes State Parks, Starbuck and Glenwood, MN

Yesterday we met Josh’s mom in Pennock for “Pennock Days” and then drove northwest to Glacial Lakes State Park. From there we drove through Starbuck and then up and around Lake Minnewaska (pictured above) then back down south through Monson Lake State Park. After that we drove through Spicer and stopped at the park there and then finally headed home.

It’s hard to believe that all of this is within an hour and a half of us. After growing up in Nebraska, this feels like paradise.

The water at Glacial Lakes State park was clear and had rocks and pebbles which is always important to my little peanuts. There were kayaks for rental which would have been fun if we had more time. There were 6 cabins at this state park and it was really hilly- lots of awesome look-outs for sunrise and sunset viewing.

When we left here, we drove up through Starbuck which looks like a fun town, especially if you like the party boat scene. . . It definitely looks like they have something for everyone here. Josh has relatives here and they have a house on the lake. I think I will write them and tell them how much we love the area- see if we can come visit!

We ate at the A&W on top of the hill in Glenwood. That was pretty cool. I bet it has a better view in the winter though when the leaves are all gone from the trees and are not blocking the view of the lake.

Next we drove down to Monson State Park. We had a little bit of trouble finding it. It is definitely tucked way back on what appeared to be a minimum maintenance road.We scoped out some pretty cool camp sites. I would recommend #’s 4 and 10.

This is campsite #10- secluded, set back from the lake.

Andrew gasped when he found this egg.

I found some crazy fungus growing.

Josh promises to take Andrew on his first canoe trip soon.

Josh checking out the weather.

The dock at Monson. Canoeing here seems like it would be pretty fun. There is a passage from one lake to another and there is plenty of wildlife around. I saw giant pelicans and what I thought was a spotted owl although I don’t think the spotted owl comes this far east.

This is what we saw on our way out of the park. wish we were on that canoe!

Next we drove through a few small towns and past Games Lake which Josh says he really enjoyed as a kid. He says there is a park there with a beach and a little building you can go in to play games, buy ice cream, etc. We also drove through New London which was beautiful. I bet it is especially nice in the fall. Next we entered Spicer. Spicer has a reputation of being a big party town in the summer, especially on the 4th of July. But there is a really cool kids park there which makes it worth stopping.

It’s a big castle obstacle course thing right on the lake. You can enjoy watching the lake activity while the kids play.

How many parks do you know that have their own mister to cool the kids off when they get to hot?

The opportunities are indeed endless up around this area. I would suggest one night at each of the state parks- Monson, Sibley and Glacial.  A day in Starbuck/Glenwood and an evening in New London/Spicer. If you have kids, stop out at Games Lake County Park.