Hutchinson Arts and Crafts Fair

hell rider

Hutchinson has an annual arts and crafts fair that I usually check out. I’m still waiting to hit the lottery so I can actually buy more of the stuff I see rather than drool all over it like the sculpture above. Every year I do a quick walk-thru taking note of what everyone has then go back and purchase my one thing. This year the three booths that impressed me most were all out of Minneapolis.


This is what I bought for my “one thing”. A gorgeous necklace from a nice guy named Zau. Check out his website and blog. Very cool stuff and an interesting blog full of background story.

blue feather

I LOVE my necklace. Here’s some more of his stuff:


leather bagHere is a picture of the artist, such a super nice guy!


Next I came across some blown glass pieces by David Royce. Please look at his website because my pictures don’t do his work justice.

blown glass

To me, this is the kind of piece you buy for a minimalist space. How gorgeous to have an all white room with just this vase sitting on the coffee table or bookshelf? They are so beautiful they should be commanding all the attention in the room.


Oh yeah- sorry David that my son dumped his caramel apple dish right in your booth space . . .

Next we wandered over to the booth occupied by sculptor Rabi Sanfo. Wow. Wish I had an extra 600.00 because this dude would be sitting in my front yard!

hell rider



And he has a really nice website too!

All in all I think this arts and crafts fair keeps getting better. My only complaint is the bees every year! But I suppose there is not much that can be done about that. Stupid of me to buy caramel apples though and be like the pied piper leading the swarm through the fair . . .Next year it’s cotton candy sealed in the bag . . . and hopefully more spending money 😉