Book vs Movie- No Country for Old Men

no Country for Old Men

I was surprised to find this book on the shelf at my local library. First of all, it’s a SMALL library. Second of all, I didn’t know it was a book! I remember watching the movie and thinking it was a little over-rated, a little too violent and mean for my taste. But now that I have read the book, I get it. I’m not sure if the point of the book translated well throughout the movie so I have it cued up again on Netflix to watch one more time. No Country for Old Men the book was amazing. Here is what the dust flap says:

Set in our own time along the bloody frontier between Texas and Mexico . . .A harrowing story of a war that society is waging on itself, and an enduring meditation on the ties of love and blood and duty that inform lives and shape destinies, No Country for Old Men is a novel of extraordinary resonance and power.

I really enjoyed the perspective of the “old man”, the sheriff. I never thought about things before until reading his inner-monologue throughout the book- the amount of change the older generation has witnessed and what they think about today’s generation. You really do feel empathy for him as he tries to figure out what in the world this country has come to that people would be so greedy, so needy, such addicts that we would put ourselves through all this violence. No country for old men? Hell, half the time I think no country for anyone.

I’m going to watch this movie again, probably with a new perspective, but I doubt I will think the movie beats the book. I can’t wait to read other books by the same author and I look forward to the latest movie being made from one of his books, The Road.


I just watched the movie for the 2nd time. I feel terrible saying this since I love Joel and Ethan Coen but I think they got a little lazy about mid-way through. I mean c’mon! That’s your ending?? Not enough of the sheriff’s dialogue and why cut out the hitchiker? Oh well . . .I guess it’s their movie. Final verdict- the book is better than the movie, BY FAR!

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    Are we going to block out January and February for the Lord of the Rings trilogy?