Halloween Traditions


It’s interesting. The older I get the more I find myself repeating the traditions my mom did with us. Like these little Tootsie Pop ghosts. I vividly remember making these with my mom as a kid. You just wrap a tissue around the Tootsie Pop and tie with string or ribbon. Then draw on a face with a black marker. They are cute and cheap to make.

We will be handing out a mix of things for Halloween this year, including these. I was also able to find some organic lollipops at a reasonable price in our local grocery store’s natural foods section to balance out the little Halloween “gift bag” the trick or treaters will receive. I am staying away from the chocolate this year but maybe next year we can afford some more fair trade chocolate. We ordered some last year but it didn’t spread very far. Maybe next year there will be some more options for Halloween chocolate.

We might be the smallest house on the block, but I want the trick or treaters to know that ours is the “go-to” house for treats! A few of them might wonder what fair trade or organic candy is but it’s a great way to educate the parents too- to show that there are other options out there besides snack size Snickers!

Andrew is going to a crafty Halloween party this morning. Next Friday he will collect his candy stash (which usually lasts in the freezer until the holidays) at one of the local nursing homes. It’s a huge event and the residents there just love it. The kids walk from room to room and the residents hand out the candy. It’s a fun “visitors” day for them. Then on Saturday Andrew will be collecting for UNICEF in our own neighborhood. I believe in living a balanced life. A little mini Butterfinger here or there is okay, but let’s balance it out by doing something good as well!

Collecting for UNICEF is easy because you can take it right to a Coinstar center and then just mail in the receipt. I am also going to encourage Andrew to donate his piggy bank to the cause. Just 6 cents can buy a child clean drinking water! The fact that just one little dude in this country can do so much to alter another little dude’s (or dudette’s) life in another country is so encouraging. Make Halloween a little sweeter, a little more meaningful for your little one and consider picking up a UNICEF box. They can be picked up for free at Hallmark stores.


  1. Posted October 28, 2009 at 2:04 am | Permalink

    Kristine, you should check on the nursing home – I saw in the paper that there was no trick-or-treating at Burns Manor this year because of the flu.

    Don’t know about the assisted living, Park Towers, or Evergreen.

    There aren’t many that go door-to-door in the neighborhood.

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    I did see that in the paper more recently that Burns Manor was closed. We have noticed not many trick or treat in this neighborhood. Depending on the weather, we may venture further out.