Good Mail Days


I just love good mail days! Especially when there is something for me to wear wrapped up and delivered to me that’s just my style! First I got this pendant in the mail from my good friend Marlene. She lives in Nebraska. We were childhood friends and have seen each other maybe 3 times in the last 15 years but still stay close thanks to all this social media! Anyway, I saw this side first and thought, “How did she find my owl???” Some of you might recognize that the owl is my avatar I use on a lot of things. Of course then it dawned on me that she had it custom made! Then I flipped it over and saw this:


Wow, a Scrabble game piece! My friend knows me well! I am just the right kind of nerd that really loves this kind of thing! Wow, there are a lot of “wows” and exclamation points in this post- can you tell I’m excited? Anyway, if you think you need one for yourself or for a gift, you can check out this etsy page for the person who made it.


So, so, cool!

Then I had this envelop from San Francisco yet to open:


And inside was a free women’s t-shirt from the company Aardvark. They are a really useful question/answer site that gets users real people-driven answers lickety split. They sent me this free t-shirt for inviting 10 people to join their community. It’s a very useful site. Especially for students in a technical trade, moms that have questions about child rearing, photographers, gardeners, etc. I love the t-shirt and will wear it with pride!

vark t

So, to recap. . . Kickass Scrabble pendent + cool start-up tee = Awesome mail day and happy girl!!

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    Glad we could help make your day! Enjoy!

    – Alison @ Aardvark