Winter Activities in Minnesota

If you would have told me 7 years ago that one day I would be standing in line to ride a horse and buggy in 20-degree weather I would have said “never”. At the time I was living in Alabama and anything under 60 degrees felt cold to me. But after college I married somebody from Minnesota and so here I am . . .

Minnesotans like to do lots of things outside, even in the winter! My neighbor seems to be firing up his snowmobile on a daily basis now that we have snow. I overhear tales of ice fishing at the local gas station. And the neighborhood kids will play outside in the snow no matter what the temperature is. My kid must be a true Minnesota baby because he wanted to stand in line for 45 minutes while we waited to take a ride around the block in a horse and buggy. I admit, I kept trying to get him to leave, coaxing him with hot chocolate and cookies that we had at home WHERE IT WAS WARM but he was adamant about staying. I was freezing!

Luckily they had free kettle corn to munch on while we stood in line which I had never tried before. It’s good! Andrew liked it too. He is going to hate me forever for putting this picture on the internet but it’s too cute not to. The poor kid got a piece of kettle corn stuck in his snot and didn’t even notice. . .

They had games for the children to play too- that’s always fun for a 3-year-old. I didn’t think we had penguins in Minnesota but apparently we do.

Cookies are always a nice touch . . . So much for the bribe about the ones we had at home.

Here we had been standing outside for an hour and a half celebrating the frigidness of Minnesota and our noses aren’t even red!

I can’t believe how good he was waiting in line!

Finally! Onto the horse and carriage. I had told Andrew before we left that we were going on a “sleigh ride”. Good thing he didn’t notice . . .

Here we are going down Hassan Street, somewhat near our house actually.

And then we went down Main Street.

There really are a lot of neat things the City of Hutchinson puts on. I suppose this is one of those things we’ll have to do each year as part of our holiday tradition. My rule will be this though- it must be above 20 degrees! I draw the line at ice fishing or snowmobiling however.

Next up- pictures of my husband and Andrew sledding at Rocket Hill! They haven’t gone yet, but I’m hoping after my husband reads this he’ll go buy that fancy sled we saw at Running’s and stick it under the tree for the little guy.

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  1. Posted December 12, 2009 at 11:34 pm | Permalink

    “Next up- pictures of my husband and Andrew sledding at Rocket Hill!”

    I think I’ll stick to just pulling Andrew and Chloe around the neighborhood, I’d rather not break any bones this winter…