Bird Party

I wish I could have gotten some better pictures of the bird treats we made today but the temperature is 1 degree.  I could barely brave the 60 seconds it took to hang and throw the stuff up in the tree let alone stop and compose better pictures.

However in an attempt to lure more birds than squirrels into the yard this year, Andrew and I spent part of the morning making some homemade bird treats. We did the traditional popcorn and cranberries, then got a little carried away.

We offered them pomegranate (what a luxury seed for birds!):

And cranberries:

We hung rings of apples and strung cheerios slathered with peanut butter, but Andrew lost patience with a lot of this stuff and decided to just take a small bowl out for the birds. I didn’t have the heart to explain to him that the squirrels would eat it off our deck before the birds would fly over to it. . .especially parked right outside our front door.

At some point in this process Andrew made the observation, “We’re making treats for a bird party!” I sure hope so but who knows with the squirrels in this neighborhood. . .

So I’ve been watching for the past few hours and I haven’t seen any action over at the bird party yet. Maybe it’s too cold for them to come out of their warm nests today, who knows.

Oh yeah! We brought in a little snow so that Chloe could make her first snowman. She did great!