My husband gave me a hyacinth last week for our anniversary. I’ve enjoyed watching it sit in its sunny little window space, mostly because I think it gives me hope. Hope that this winter will END, the snow will melt and we can get out into our garden and grow!! In the next few months and throughout the summer, we will be sharing with you what we grow and how we grow it. It will be a good place for the newbie gardener to learn how to grow some simple food. We don’t use special technique or expensive equipment. A lot of what we do is seed-in-the-ground and water type gardening so anybody can join in. We grow organically.

Here’s a list of what we plan on growing:








Red Bell Pepper



Sugar Snap Peas






I had a reader ask about container gardening vegetables. While it is entirely possible to grow almost everything in a container, the thing to look out for is container type. I would recommend NOT using terra cotta pots for growing vegetables. They tend to draw all the moisture from your soil and you will find yourself needing to water more than once a day when it gets real hot.

I found this book when browsing Amazon. While I have not actually read it myself, it looks like one of the better ones.
Easy Container Combos: Vegetables & Flowers (Pamela Crawford’s Container Gardens)


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    This is a great idea. Do you know if some of this can be used for container growing? We live in a townhouse and I have been wanted to grow some herbs and produce, but I know it can only be done in containers.

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    Oh for sure! When we lived in an apartment in Minneapolis this is how we had to grow everything. The main thing is you have to get lots of sunlight! I found lots of books on amazon about container gardening:
    Almost all our tomatoes last year were grown in containers. They just need support.

  3. chiquita
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    What a beautiful hyacinth! Hope spring comes soon for you 🙂

    This is my first year living in the Bay Area, where I was surprised to find that spring arrives in late Jan/early Feb. We’ve now got blossoms galore. Before that we were in Japan (spring = mid-March), and before that we were in Chicago (spring = felt like late April-ish?), and before THAT, San Diego (basically no noticeable winter :P). It’s interesting how spring arrives in different regions.

    I’ve currently got a very shady empty bed on the side of the house where not much will grow…not sure if it’s the lack of sun, or if the soil is just too poor (it’s very dense, pretty much clay). I wonder if there’s a veggie out there that thrives in clay, in the shade. Umm, mushrooms!? lol. Probably have to add some good quality soil…

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi – I enjoy reading your blog.

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    Yeah, I’m sure you will have a harder time with the shade factor than with the clay factor. But I bet if you enriched the soil with some compost and trimmed back a tree branch or two you could do some carrots and/or potatoes!