We traveled to Fargo this weekend to visit a friend. I was excited to see the town because I have never been to North Dakota before. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but what I saw I didn’t expect! Fargo was okay, but the sprawl. . . the sprawl that is urban and becomes suburban is frustrating. I know a lot of towns are structured this way and I can’t single out Fargo, but the city is a good example of what drives me nuts about city planning.

A misconception I had about Fargo was that the people there sound like the people in the movie of the same name. But while visiting I didn’t hear anyone that sounded like the people who live in rural areas near my hometown here in Minnesota. The area around Fargo actually reminded me a lot of where I grew up in Nebraska which would make sense because looking at a map now I see Fargo is a straight shot, 7.5 hours north. Another 4 hours and you would be in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.

One thing is apparent in Fargo- people like to drink. We passed many, many drunk adults involved in an afternoon pub crawl. I suppose people were wondering what we were thinking bringing our kids downtown on a Saturday afternoon in October of all times. Our friend commented, “It’s Octoberfest, what do you expect?”

There were several “interesting” wardrobe ensembles worn by the locals. My head turned more than a few times. We saw go-go boots, fishnets, zebra prints, purple leggings, etc. and not just worn by the younger people or people of color but by 50-something year old white women as well.

The downtown is pretty urban. In Minneapolis you get hit up for change quite frequently depending on the day and it’s no different in Fargo. My husband got hit up but we weren’t sure exactly for what. Seemed like the very drunk young man only wanted a fight. He kept calling my husband “Joe” and taunted him for walking away. I was just hoping my son didn’t have to witness my husbands teeth being removed from his mouth while on “vacation”. Family friendly vacation spot? Maybe during a time that is not Octoberfest but I probably won’t be going back to find out otherwise.


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    I didn’t see one single wood-chipper while we were there, very disappointing…

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    I found out during my Fargo research that the cabin that the woodchipper scene was filmed at was in Stillwater. The cabin was sold on Ebay in 2008 I believe so that the property owner could build a bigger better house on the land.

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    Bummer, some day there will be a wood-chipper water fountain in Fargo!