Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards and Treats

One of the best things about having kids is getting to experience all the holidays as a child again. I used to love Valentine’s Day. Packing up a little card and treat for all your classmates, maybe slipping an extra few hearts to the one you REALLY wanted to be your Valentine. Opening yours up to see if they did the same. . .

I was really pleased when Andrew came home from school with a note from the teacher requesting that kids try to make their own Valentine’s for their classmates. He has been working on this project for about two weeks now and out of 18 he still has 9 to go. But it’s been keeping him busy and he’s learning how to write.

We also decided that instead of putting candy in each envelope, we would make each kid a sugar cookie decorated with their name. Andrew really enjoyed baking them as usual, but more so knowing that he would get to pass out his hard work to each of his friends.

We went to our local scrapbook store and bought some pretty paper. Luckily we already had a heart-shaped paper puncher. That was Andrew’s favorite part.

I also made a few of my own to pop in the mail next week.

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    What cute cookies! It definitely doesn’t hurt that they look delicious, too! Your son’s class sure is a bunch of lucky valentines. 😀