Apple Pickin’ Time

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I have probably said it a zillion times and I will probably say it a bunch more. It’s my favorite time of year. I love the weather, the leaves, the food, the soon-to-be Halloween of it all. . .Everything about Fall is just perfect. Today we went out to Carlson’s Orchard near Winsted (warning- if you click on that hyperlink you will be accosted by polka music). Driving up I was envious of their spread. Such a cute little operation they got going there.

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We got a ton of apples of course, Zestar to be specific. But I also got these adorable hand towels:

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And we picked up some pure honey still in the comb which I haven’t tried before. . .

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And what trip to the apple orchard would be complete without the caramel apple?  One for my son and I to share.

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But he wasn’t exactly sharing. . .

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