Leaf Hunting

fall tree

Andrew and I went on a leaf hunt yesterday. This tree is across the street. We had our eyes on some of those leaves and it’s a good thing we got some since they raked them all up today!


Once we picked out our leaves it was time to take them inside and do some leaf rubbings! But first we needed to make a sign so we peeled off a strip of bark from our birch tree. We were promptly scolded by my husband however as this hurts the tree . . . But hopefully the tree won’t miss one little piece.

art time

Pick out some colors . . .

leaf rubbings


And rub your crayon over the leaf!  Fun, fun stuff!

For a snack I made some peanut butter and jelly rolls. Jelly on the inside:


And frosted with some peanut butter frosting:


Fun art projects, beautiful scenery and yummy baked goods. Fall is my favorite time of year!