Monthly Archives: October 2009

Halloween Candy

I’m glad I shared some of this Halloween bark with my students today because it is addictive! It was very easy to make too and packages up oh so nice. I have been wanting to make a variation of this ever since I saw it on The Recipe Girl‘s website and then again on My […]

Halloween Traditions

It’s interesting. The older I get the more I find myself repeating the traditions my mom did with us. Like these little Tootsie Pop ghosts. I vividly remember making these with my mom as a kid. You just wrap a tissue around the Tootsie Pop and tie with string or ribbon. Then draw on a […]

Bento- How to Get Your Kid to Eat Vegetables

1. Bento 2/25/09 Rain Rain Go Away, 2. Bento 10/14/09 Rilakkuma Family Totem~, 3. three pigs bento box, 4. Bento 02/26/09 Sunshine + Rainbow, 5. Bento 03/31/09 Spam Musubi Cheddar Giraffes, 6. Panda bento box, 7. Bento 12/09/08 Snoopy, 8. Doraemon bento , 9. Me and My Mom, 10. Penguin Santa, 11. Hannari tofu bento, […]