Go Nuts! Get Crazy With Some Squirrel Crafts

candy corn squirrel

We love squirrels in this family. Yep, we are that house on the block everyone hates because we feed the squirrels. “Crazy squirrel lady” they will probably call me when I get old. But in Minnesota there isn’t a whole lot to do outside with your little ones so we kinda stare out the window a lot. Squirrels are so much fun to watch they really have become one of my favorite animals. I could sit and watch them for hours. Chloe even has a squirrel shirt:

squirrel girl

I have some pink squirrel pajama pants but I will spare you that picture. Anyway, we made some pretty cool crafts using simple materials the other day. Here’s what you need:

the gear

I think Bake It Pretty has just the squirrel cookie cutter, but really get this whole set because it’s so much fun to make gnomes and other stuff too.

I just traced the squirrel onto the back of one of those pieces of sticker foam paper. I got the foam at our local craft store- a whole stack of colored sticker foam for super cheap. It’s great for making stickers like this. Then if you want to stick it on something you can, otherwise just leave the paper on the back and make a puppet or whatever. We made cards for Thanksgiving. Oh and you can give the squirrel a little acorn by gluing some of those card confetti inserts you see in the card section at Target or wherever.

mom's card

purple card

puppets etc

I thought this might be a good idea for a place setting until Andrew started eating it. I don’t want to encourage the kids to ruin their Thanksgiving dinner, so I’ll just ruin my own. Just one place setting this year. . . all for me. Think the kids will go for that?

squirrel in window

So this is my lowly homage to the misunderstood squirrel. Enough people feed the birds, why not feed a squirrel this winter? Yeah they might piss you off and dig up all your bulbs in the spring, but when you go so many months without seeing much LIFE in this barren wasteland of Minnesota Winter you kinda welcome the crazy little creatures.

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    super cute! i love squirrels too. great ideas!