Night on the Town

My mom and I took the kids to Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis last night to see their holiday display. We rode the light rail from the suburbs to get down there and of course that was Andrew’s favorite part of the whole day. It was easy to keep an eye on Andrew- his coat matches the train.

Here he is with my mom. So far he’s pretty cool, calm and collected before the train started to move and then weeeeeeeeee! This is the look on his face as we started to move:

I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of this shoe. The guy sitting across from me was sporting these.  Not exactly proper Minnesota winter foot gear. . .

The line for the Macy’s deal was pretty long. You would have thought we were going to see the Pioneer Woman or something.

Inside was pretty cool. A little scary in some parts (for children and adults!) but overall, okay. I could have personally done without the tree faces and certain elves but this snowman was nice:

After Macy’s we had to hit up Candyland, my destination of choice when visiting either of the Twin Cities. They’ve been making candy since 1932!

Know what else is great about going to Minneapolis at night during the holiday season? Christmas Polka in the skyway!

And here are a few I shot outside at night just for fun. . . I could shoot outside at night downtown every day, thousands and thousands of pictures. I just love the effect:

Hope everyone has a good holiday! Peace.

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    looks like a wonderful time! And the little boy is adorable