Geek Vacation

Earlier today, as I was making a list of things I needed to pack between now and February 12th, I realized I was planning for vacation. But not your typical vacation- as much as I would love to take my kids to the San Diego Zoo and show hubby Mexico or explore the Deep South with my family, pointing out all the places I used to hang out, I am not able to afford such luxury at this time in my life. However, I CAN afford to go to Minneapolis for 50 hours and partake in 50 hours of live trivia action!

I graduated from St Cloud State University, a medium-sized university about an hour northwest of Minneapolis. While a student there, our campus television station partnered with the campus radio station and helped to broadcast a giant trivia contest which runs for 50 straight hours and it’s still going on! In fact, it’s been going on for 30 years! Some of the questions are tough, some are easy, but the whole thing is a blast! Teams work together to solve questions and everybody over-caffeinates themselves. You do need a detox program and a lot of extra sleep the week after participating, but it’s worth it to cure the cabin fever a lot of us snowed-in Minnesotans come down with this time of year.

What is this “vacation” going to entail? Massive amounts of research via the internet, books and other sources as well as listening to “audio trivia” and trying to study up on “visual trivia” which comes in your team package.  Massive amounts of drinking caffeinated products (unless you happen to be nursing a child, or freakishly intolerant of such chemicals), eating, minimal amounts of sleep and lots of catching up, visiting and chatting about what we have all been up to the past year. Those of us on this particular team are all former members of the campus television studio so we have all worked it throughout the years and now have a team. I must say, both sides of it are equally fun!

If you are experiencing cabin fever and have nothing better to do the weekend of Valentine’s Day, consider putting together a team and joining in on the fun. Since you can listen to the questions via the broadcast on any internet-connected computer, the contest is open to any and everyone world wide, not just Minnesotans! In fact, I think there is a team that plays from Ithica, New York! If you’d like to join in the fun, you can find registration materials  here.

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    Ccanned this and saw “Geek Vacation” and “San Diego”, and I thought we were going to ComicCon 🙁