My Little Readers

Lately it seems everyone in this house has gone a little book crazy. We have all been reading more than ever. I’m not complaining! In fact, I was just telling my parents I didn’t mind winters in Minnesota. It gives us time to get caught up on all the reading we want to do. It also gives us time to snuggle with our young ones. This afternoon, my son got to snuggle with grandma after a big day of sledding. Andrew has been on a polar bear kick lately and so we want to feed that curiosity with the right kind of media as much as we can.

This particular book is part of series called My Animal Family. Each book comes with a DVD and a card containing a code. The DVD has educational, actual footage of the animal in their habitat. The code is for a special website that links with the series. Our code links up t0 the polar bear games since that’s what book we have. It’s quite a bit of bang for your buck considering many children’s books retail for more than what this media package retails for.

As far as the illustration goes, it’s not the most artistically impressive book we own but it is far from unimpressive. We have books with exceptional art but that is a separate category. A lot of the artistic ones lack in the educational department. This one is however one of the most educational books we own and that is what we are looking for more and more now that Andrew’s little brain is in sponge mode and he is soaking up all the information he possible can. He is learning his letters and all about space and various natural habitats. There is a window open and we are trying our hardest to keep the information flowing. One of the ways we can do this is by getting him the books he likes, on the topics he is interested in as well as letting him watch A LIMITED amount of video production that is educational.

The title of this post is My Little Readers (plural). My daughter is only 8 months old but already LOVES books. We aren’t going to limit her to board books for babies. There’s no reason she can’t sit along with Andrew and listen to his stories. I think when we had Andrew we just assumed he needed age-appropriate books but that simply isn’t necessary. Any reading is good reading early on. It gets them familiar with our language and encourages bonding among so many other things. I just know she is going to treasure her books like the rest of the family!

The Nanuq book won a  Mom’s Choice Award which takes the guessing out of it if you are a mom and debating if you should buy the book or not. The founder of PBS’s Reading Rainbow is on the panel of judges for the awards. As a kid I used to look forward to that show. I think I can trust her opinion. They have a store on Amazon that links to their other reader’s choice award winners. It’s okay to have books that are not of this genre in your collection, but try to mix some into your library if possible. The more your kid learns from reading the more they will reap the benefits.

Once your child realizes they can travel to another world or learn something they had never imagined before simply by reading, they will be off in their own little worlds. . . and I mean that in a good way.