A Winter Oasis- Willmar, Minnesota??!!

We traveled an hour west of here this weekend to my husband’s home town of Willmar, Minnesota. Willmar isn’t the most exciting town in Minnesota but they do have a hotel with a pool and slide and we thought the kids would enjoy that. However, Andrew was extremely frightened of the water. He hasn’t been in a pool in about 2 years so it was a wake-up call to us that he needed to have more exposure to water so that he doesn’t develop an intense phobia to water.

Chloe really enjoyed it though. And we had plenty of time to lounge around. . .

A few of Josh’s childhood friends were able to stop by. Some with their own kids. Look at this little cutie:

It was nice to get away for a few days and just relax, but as usual we are glad to be home and have things back to normal.