Monthly Archives: April 2010

We Have Color!

We’ve had a string of 70-degree days around this part of Minnesota. It was enough for me to drive over to Lester Prairie and visit Holasek’s Flower Power Nursery and get some things. I’m sure the greenhouses around here will have some things by the end of this week but I always prefer their selection […]

Book Review: Spoon Fed by Kim Severson

In some ways, the title Spoon Fed: How Eight Cooks Saved My Life is misleading. When I first came across the book on Amazon, I didn’t know who Kim Severson was (I’m not really a foodie and I don’t regularly read The New York Times) so I pictured the author to be someone who had […]

Here Comes the Garden!

I cannot WAIT until this thing blooms. Every day is appears to double. It’s my Icelandic Poppy and it has beautiful orange petals and a yellow center. This year I also need to get my hands on a Himalayan Blue Poppy. Added chives to a few salads already. Saving money by not buying green onion […]