Monthly Archives: July 2010

Storm Sunset

We all came out of the store tonight after a big storm sideswiped the town of Hutchinson and stared in awe. I quickly rushed home to grab the camera and we took a little drive around the perimeter of the city. Here is what we saw: I wanted to keep going but the kids were […]

McLeod County Regional Park Review- Swan Lake Park

I had the idea to do this a few months ago but thought it to daunting- review all the county parks in our area (including the Twin Cities metro). Now I am wondering why I balked- I don’t exactly need to do it all in one summer. I have my whole life! Yesterday I posted […]

July in Minnesota

I always said I wasn’t going to be the kind of mom who dressed her daughter in dresses. But something happens to me when I am in a store and I walk past a pretty dress. Some sort of magnetic pull. . . especially if said dress matches my daughter’s pretty blue eyes. So I […]