Halloween Craft Time!

I think Halloween is the best holiday for crafting. The colors are vibrant, the options are endless, you can make things spooky or cute, etc. I saw these enamel painted pumpkin jars in the Martha Stewart special Halloween magazine and wanted to make them immediately. I also found that they are featured here on the cover of this DVD if you wanted to see how perfect hers turned out:
The Martha Stewart Holiday Collection – Martha’s Halloween Ideas

Mine didn’t turn out too bad, although I see now I should have used a thinner coat of paint on top of my stencil for the “faces”. Oh well, I’ll just call it “rustic” which is what I do whenever something doesn’t turn out perfect.

Andrew filled his up with candy and then waited out on the deck to surprise Grandpa and Grandma when they stopped by.

They are fairly easy to make. You coat the inside of a jar with enamel paint. Make a stencil for the outside and paint on a “face”. Use metal wire to fancy a handle. Fill with candy but I recommend wrapped candy.

We also filled a jar partially full with black sand and stuck our ghost sucker pops in them. Andrew and I cut white felt into ghost shapes, drew a face on the front and attached a black strip of ribbon to the back with Elmer’s glue to hold the sucker.

I also made some mini brownies with chopped Ghiradelli caramel chocolate pieces, piped a little peanut butter frosting on the top and stuck a candy corn to the top.

All in all, they made for a nice Halloween display which I of course forgot to get a snapshot of!


  1. Posted October 19, 2010 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    cute ideas! My boys would like the ghost one! I also saw a fun one for kids where you take black construction paper, cut in a circle in a pie tin, then do white marble painting inside to make a spider web. I think we are going to try that… I also love Halloween crafts above all others!

  2. Posted October 19, 2010 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

    Sweet those pumpkins look like Andrew and Josh to me. 😛
    Ghosts are pretty cool too!