Holidazzle Parade

TC Holidazzle Parade

I’m not sure how many cities have a parade in the middle of winter, but Minneapolis does!

Andrew was very excited to go downtown and watch the Holidazzle parade which runs for several days in November and December.

Look at those Minnesota kids lining up to see the parade!

This was our view from the skyway before the parade started.

And an anxious kid waiting around for the parade to start. But once it started he insisted we go outside and watch it from the street!

So here he is in 15 degree weather and snow coming down all around us. You’d think we were crazy. But it was actually a lot of fun.

Andrew’s favorite were the Twinklebus and the pirate ship.

We stayed at the Westin which, like many downtown hotels, are connected to everything via skyway.

This was the view from the 8th floor. The kids had just as much fun looking out the window as they did anything else.

And here’s proof for later that my kids had a pretty comfortable life despite what they might say later as teenagers . . .