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The Best Pizza Ever- “Pizza Vesuvio” from Francis Ford Coppola’s Restaurant Rustic (via Food & Wine)

I can honestly say that the recipes in Food & Wine are the most useful recipes of any food magazine I subscribe to. Every month I choose one recipe from my most recent issue to blog about. This month I chose this, Pizza Vesuvio With the Works from Francis Ford Coppola’s restaurant Rustic. The picture […]

Lemon Curd & Making Homemade Gift Jars

Lemon Curd is one of my favorite treats. You can use it for a lot of different things but it’s probably most often used to make tarts. A lot of people probably associate Lemon Curd with the summer, which is why I actually like to make it during the more drearier time of year for […]

Halloween Craft Time!

I think Halloween is the best holiday for crafting. The colors are vibrant, the options are endless, you can make things spooky or cute, etc. I saw these enamel painted pumpkin jars in the Martha Stewart special Halloween magazine and wanted to make them immediately. I also found that they are featured here on the […]