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Holidazzle Parade

I’m not sure how many cities have a parade in the middle of winter, but Minneapolis does! Andrew was very excited to go downtown and watch the Holidazzle parade which runs for several days in November and December. Look at those Minnesota kids lining up to see the parade! This was our view from the […]

Daring Bakers’ October Challenge- Donuts

Donuts are one of my favorite foods. I like to make these about once a year but since it was chosen as a Daring Bakers challenge I got to make them twice this year. Previously, I used Beatrice Ojakangas’ recipe. The Daring Bakers used Alton Brown’s. The recipes are somewhat similar but for Alton’s you […]

Halloween Craft Time!

I think Halloween is the best holiday for crafting. The colors are vibrant, the options are endless, you can make things spooky or cute, etc. I saw these enamel painted pumpkin jars in the Martha Stewart special Halloween magazine and wanted to make them immediately. I also found that they are featured here on the […]