Orcharding with Cute Animals

purple chicken

I’m pretty sure I made up a verb there but “orcharding” is exactly what we have been doing the past few weeks. This past Thursday we went to Fall Harvest Orchard in the Montrose/Delano area which is about 25 minutes west of Minneapolis. It was FANTASTIC. The kids were cute and all but for me it was the animals roaming the place that stole the show. The more I look at chickens the more I think they are beautiful animals. I’ve never seen a purple one before such as the one above. They also had the Sweet Tango variety of apple that has been getting so much press lately. They were delicious and are almost gone. . . should have bought two bushels!

strut your stuff

One of my favorite animals has always been the goat. Baby goats make me want to bring one home. . . . Look at this little frolicking gem:


He was moving so fast I could barely get a decent shot of him.


I think this might be their mom but not quite sure:

momma goat

Plus, if we got one of these I wouldn’t have to mow the yard anymore.