Financial Life Change

Coupon Mom before going to Target so that I make sure I don’t miss something. The database Coupon Mom has on her site is something that most couponers rely on very much since she takes the work out of it for you basically by telling you how much each item is marked down.  I also tend to like these ladies and in the beginning watched a lot of their videos on YouTube. They also have a book out that I sort of have my eye on however I’m not sure if I have kinda made it to that point where I learned everything I need to know to succeed and therefore don’t need the book but it looks great for someone just starting out:

This is the book I read that led me to the website that helped me find that $250 I was owed: Totally made reading the book worth it. The book also helps you put things into perspective when you learn what other people are doing across the country. The author is funny too so it is an enjoyable read.

This book also had a lot of great tips:

I hope you too are able to make some major life changes in your financial life and that they work for you. Personally I find financial strife to be one of the most stressful things about trying to raise a family. If you can remove that stress and not have to worry about the grocery bill every time you trek off to the store, you can begin to relax and enjoy your family a little more. Good luck!