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Book Review: Leaving the Atocha Station

The people at Coffee House Press in Minneapolis were kind enough to send me a copy of Leaving the Atocha Station so that I could review it here. Coffee House Press is a non-profit book publisher so I was very grateful. The book was not an easy read and I was equally grateful for the […]

Put’em Up Book Review & Giveaway + a Recipe for Salsa Verde

This, my dear friends, is the papery husk of a tomatillo. A tomatillo is a fruit much like a tomato and they are a staple of Latin American cuisine. I think they are just beautiful. I used the tomatillos today to make this: The tomatillo husk itself is much nicer to look at, but don’t […]

Good Winter Reading

Some people like to read about summery places during the winter. I am the opposite. It’s not because I am a masochist— reading about places colder than where I live actually makes me feel like I don’t have it so bad here in Minnesota where today it is 3°F (the low tomorrow predicted to be […]