Rock n’ Roll Skull Cookies

rock n roll skull cookies

These decorated sugar cookies can be presented at Halloween parties, the birthday party of a teenager who is in to rock n’ roll, your next Punisher party, etc.

I have always used Martha Stewart’s recipe for sugar cookies. It’s delicious and basic. Wow, I never thought I would end one paragraph talking about Punisher and begin another one talking about Martha Stewart. How’s that for contrast?!

First make the cookies and let them cool on a wire rack. I don’t have a skull-shaped cookie cutter, I just cut them freehand with a knife. It wasn’t too hard. Think hot air balloon shape. Here is a template if you really need it.

skull templateCrude, but it will work. If you don’t trust your freehand and don’t want to try the template, they do make a cutter.

Next, frost with something white.  I had a half a bag of white Wilton candy melts left over so I used those. I like to use the candy melts for sugar cookies every once in a while. The candy really seals in the moisture of the cookie and in a way, it’s easier than mixing powdered sugar and milk in a big counter-top mess.

Next, I decorated them using these for the eyes:


It’s a little tin of candy I got in the Halloween section at Target for like $1.30. Inside are really cute little candies- bones, hearts and black skulls. I used the black skulls for eyes but if you can’t find these you could use the gel frosting or black jelly beans. I used the Cake Mate brand gel frosting for the nose and mouth. You can find it at most any grocery store.

That’s it! Let them sit- even overnight if need be. They won’t dry out, but do cover the next day. A good recipe that can be used for halloween or after.

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    Yum! They may look a bit…mean but I’m sure they taste amazing! I love cookies…all kinds…any kind, really.