Easy Valentine Treats

We put together some treat boxes for the people at ECFE and of course a few for the relatives. The box we used to carry the treats in is actually an upcylced Cup Noodles box that Andrew helped me paint pink and then line with leftover scrapbooking paper. The little boxes are from Target and the cute valentines are the ones I got from The Black Apple.

We did some simple mini brownie bites:

I used someĀ  Wilton molds for these and just smooshed one end down so they would sit nice.

Then I used this pan:

which I got for 50 cents at our local thrift store. Nobody says you have to put cake mix in mini cupcake tins- it can be brownie mix if you want, or cheesecake or mini lemon pies. . .

I piped my leftover marshmallow fluff onto these. It made for a pretty dessert but I’m not sure marshmallow fluff straight-up is something I would recommend eating. I probably should have cut it with some butter and made it into more of a frosting. But then I wouldn’t have gotten the true white coating like I wanted.

These are just a few ideas for simple desserts that can be done in one morning or afternoon if you need something festive to take and are not wanting to spend the whole day on something.