Monthly Archives: October 2010

Perfect Popovers

The Star Tribune had a recipe for “Perfect Popovers” in today’s Taste section. Since I had planned on making soup for supper I thought these would be a good accompaniment. I had never heard of Popovers before moving to Minnesota, but they are pretty popular, especially in this town. They taste like a thin, light, […]

Daring Bakers’ October Challenge- Donuts

Donuts are one of my favorite foods. I like to make these about once a year but since it was chosen as a Daring Bakers challenge I got to make them twice this year. Previously, I used Beatrice Ojakangas’ recipe. The Daring Bakers used Alton Brown’s. The recipes are somewhat similar but for Alton’s you […]

What I’ve Learned About Baking Bread

I’ve been having some success baking bread recently. I wish I could share with you one particular recipe I have been successful with. But mostly I’ve been baking bread much like a musician plays a song they know “by ear”, using a mix of intuition and common sense. Here’s what I’ve been doing: 1) Observe […]