Monthly Archives: January 2011

Good Winter Reading

Some people like to read about summery places during the winter. I am the opposite. It’s not because I am a masochist— reading about places colder than where I live actually makes me feel like I don’t have it so bad here in Minnesota where today it is 3°F (the low tomorrow predicted to be […]

Sweet Breakfast Quinoa

As I shift my diet towards one that is more whole foods-oriented, I am constantly searching for recipes that will not only fill me up, but satisfy a sweet craving or salt craving here and there. This recipe is perfect for filling you up because its main ingredient is quinoa, a high-protein satisfying seed that […]

Healthy Stuffed Mushrooms

Today is Day 6 on my “eat much healthier” quest. I have been doing very well but today I started to feel like something was missing. I tried to pinpoint what it was I was craving exactly. It wasn’t chocolate or chips, my old go-to comfort foods. Finally I realized what I really wanted was […]