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Book vs Movie- No Country for Old Men

I was surprised to find this book on the shelf at my local library. First of all, it’s a SMALL library. Second of all, I didn’t know it was a book! I remember watching the movie and thinking it was a little over-rated, a little too violent and mean for my taste. But now that […]

Book vs Movie- Revolutionary Road

It is a coincidence that I already posted one Kate Winslet movie. I do really like her as an actress but her performance in this one is by far my favorite. “Haunting” would be the word I choose for her acting in this movie. “Disturbing” is the word I use for the movie. But that’s […]

Book vs Movie- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Hutchinson had their city-wide garage sale this weekend. I scored some pretty good stuff considering I didn’t get to get out and really garage sale hardcore. I had both kids with me so we had to kinda hurry from one to the next in the stroller before Chloe decided to colic it up. No way […]