Sibley State Park

We are going to have Andrew’s 4th birthday party at Sibley State Park since it is close to where a lot of family live and he loves the outdoors. We are hoping it isn’t too cold yet, but we went ahead and checked it out last night to make sure there were fireplaces in the shelter so we can burn wood if needed.

While we were there we climbed up to Mt Tom which was really cool. We missed the sunset but the moon was full and up high in the sky even though it was still pretty light out.

Josh’s mom came with us and helped me chase Chloe around on the beach while Josh and Andrew went canoeing.

The pictures show that fall is just around the corner although it was really hot outside.

I’ve been wanting to do some in black and white all summer:

Josh taking Andrew on his first canoe ride. They were out for 2 hours and Andrew loved it!

Josh, his mom, and Andrew

Josh and our 2 peanuts

Josh, the kids and I

I can’t wait to go back for Andrew’s birthday and see some fall colors from Mt. Tom! For better pictures of the view from up there and more about camping at the park, you can check out this blog.