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(Snowless) February on Minnesota’s North Shore

I was excited to get up north this winter to finally get some snowy shots of my favorite city. Unfortunately, the closer I got to Duluth the more I started to realize that there was about as much snow in Duluth as there is in Minneapolis right now- less than an inch in most parts […]

Third Trip Up to the North Shore

We were up on the North Shore again last week and even though it rained a majority of the time I still really enjoyed myself. I didn’t mind the light mist while walking through the woods of the Superior National Forest at all actually. In fact, it kind of added to that almost mystical-feeling element […]

Staying in a Camper Cabin and Some Fall Colors at Lake Maria

Josh and I took the kids to Lake Maria State Park yesterday. We reserved a remote camper cabin since we still don’t have a tent. Some of the state parks in Minnesota provide you with a cart and call it “cart-in” camping for sites that are away from vehicular traffic but we had to provide […]