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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum- Very Early Spring

The Arboretum was free for its last Thursday of the cold season so we decided to take advantage of that and get out of the house for a bit. The temperature was about 49 degrees and actually felt pretty nice as we walked around the grounds. We started out indoors though and hit up my […]

Staying in a Camper Cabin and Some Fall Colors at Lake Maria

Josh and I took the kids to Lake Maria State Park yesterday. We reserved a remote camper cabin since we still don’t have a tent. Some of the state parks in Minnesota provide you with a cart and call it “cart-in” camping for sites that are away from vehicular traffic but we had to provide […]

State Park Roadtrip Part II

Realizing that school is starting on Monday, I decided to pack up the kids and venture out again since I’ll be in class teaching again in just a matter of days. We headed east and stopped at Afton State Park on the St Croix river first. The beach you see in the picture was not […]